Story Of Our Own

“Lift your head and look at this
See how you were made to live
In a land that’s fair and green
To dwell in this unending dream
“Hear the sound of wind and rain
Feel the beating heart of love
Waiting for a chance to bloom
And longing for an opening to loom
“Wars will cease of young and old
Life and peace we’ll behold
All will see a love forever known
A song we’ll sing the story of our own
“Come and stand beside and join in hands for we are one
Let us sing a song of victory, our freedom has begun
We were meant to shine together and for good
So don’t wait the time is now that we live in harmony
“Watch the movement of the storm
Clouds of darkness closing in
Stop and listen to your heart
And now there’s nothing there but peace apart
“We’re gonna start a raging fire
Burning with desire
Like a mighty choir
Raising voices higher
‘Gonna shout it on the mountain
Flooding like a fountain
“Clap your hands everyone and stomp your feet
Sing a song of love and joy and peace”

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