The REAL Story of Job

There is one famous story that the enemy has twisted to get us to believe and think wrongly of that has been preached in church, but has also been spoken in the mouths of many…the story of Job. Here’s one of the biggest problems with it: very few people actually read the story. Let me begin with the Twisted Version, or the one that has been preached and taught and we by default have been believing.

The Twisted Story: Job was a faithful man of God blameless and righteous who endured the suffering and testing from God. God tested Him through trials such as taking his livestock, his children, and even tried taking Job himself. And because he stayed true to himself and was persistent and faithful, not growing weary through the suffering, even through the judgement and criticism of his friends, God blessed him in the end.

The Actual Story: Job was a man who misunderstood the heart of God. At this time, Satan had walked to and fro on the earth trying to find those to devour. He noticed that Job was cursing God in his heart, yet confessing with his lips what he thought was keeping himself righteous by saying: “Blessed be the name of the Lord, for the Lord gave and He has taken away!” Job would glorify God outwardly, but inwardly was cursing Him. Even his wife confronted him about it. So Satan took the opportunity to get Job to curse God right to His face. How? He saw that Job thought it was God that both gave and took back. Because of this, Satan took from Job because he knew he would think it to be God and not Satan. He took Job’s livestock, his children, his good-relationship with his wife, and almost took out Job himself. Meanwhile, Job was not sinning with his lips. But inwardly, his anger towards God became worse and worse because He thought God was doing this to him to test him. His friends confronted him, but they didn’t know God either and so there was no help. Another man named Elihu jumped in the conversation out of the blue and pointed out Job’s self-righteousness, and finally, God Himself showed up in a whirlwind and confronted Job for misunderstanding Him. For Job thought he knew better than God as a result. But God humbled Him with his words, and Job repented by changing the way he thought, and because he understood that it wasn’t God who took back what He gave, but rather having discovered that the enemy was stealing from him, blessing came to him with new livestock, new sons and daughters, which also means a restored marriage, and long-living.

Read it for yourself. We often forget that God is good and the devil is bad. A good father doesn’t give and take back.



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