13 Lies The Average Church-Goer Says

Philip Serino

13 LIES THE MAJORITY OF BELIEVERS SAY: to justify what they think to be true and feel safe when said.

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.

“What you believe stems from what you know.” -P. Serino

NOTE: I grew up in the church and am still attending church, but have identified lies growing within the four walls of church. Not a skeptic, though skeptics might enjoy this note. All thanks to the Spirit who reveals the deep things of God to us who believe it. My intention is in no way to point fingers and get people to stop going to church. No. Rather, by identifying lies in order to understand the truth, we will see more people be set free to having genuine fellowship with God and each other. Furthermore, I refuse to write or talk about anything of which I have no experience of. What I am saying is that I went through a…

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