13 LIES THE MAJORITY OF BELIEVERS SAY: to justify what they think to be true and feel safe when said.

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.

“What you believe stems from what you know.” -P. Serino

NOTE: I grew up in the church and am still attending church, but have identified lies growing within the four walls of church. Not a skeptic, though skeptics might enjoy this note. All thanks to the Spirit who reveals the deep things of God to us who believe it. My intention is in no way to point fingers and get people to stop going to church. No. Rather, by identifying lies in order to understand the truth, we will see more people be set free to having genuine fellowship with God and each other. Furthermore, I refuse to write or talk about anything of which I have no experience of. What I am saying is that I went through a lot of hell (literally) to understand these things. These aren’t just words…they are personal, meaningful, and real to me. In fact, all these listed lies are things I myself used to believe and how I used to think.

WARNING: There is a large chance this might offend you. And if it just so happens to, all I ask is that you remember that you love me. And I love you too.


False. We were sinners. A sinner is someone who is sinful by nature. And according to the new covenant, you’re not a sinner because Jesus became sin for you so that you would become the righteousness of God. According to the old covenant, you were a sinner. You want to agree with the Law of Moses, or follow the Grace of Jesus?

The reference that we have used it has been, “We’re all failures in need of a Savior. We mess up constantly!” I’m not saying this is false. This is true. But here’s the thing. There are two kinds of lens at stake here: the lens of The Law, and the lens of Grace. One is through the tree of knowledge of Good and evil, the other is through the tree of life. One is through Adam, the other is through Jesus. One is Old, the other is New. When we see through the lens of the Old, we are seeing with our physical eye, or our carnal eye. What’s the result? We see much outward failure from everyone, from the least of them to the greatest. We see hate, pride, anger, sometimes happiness, and sometimes love, but it is inconsistent. “No one can be perfect, there is no hope in the world, we are all failures! We need a Savior because deep down we’re so evil!” No wonder we sound confident in this…there’s no faith involved at all…we already see it physically. And what’s the worst part about this lens? Because we see with our physical eye, we think that darkness must come from man alone, wicked to the core. When we see through the lens of the New, we are seeing with our spiritual eye, the same eyes of God. What’s the result? We see the work of the kingdom of the devil, and the work of the Kingdom of God. We see that it is the powers of darkness that deceive those without knowledge, and they are the ones behind it all to make it seem like it is man that is corrupt by nature, when it truly is not. We see the Kingdom fight against the works of darkness. It’s the Kingdom of Light verses the Kingdom of Darkness. NOT man against man. We see that we are all one, and that we are all on the same team, from the least of them to the greatest. We see the Christ in everyone. We see the outward failure of man, yes, but it is because they forgot who they really are for closing their heart and for a lack of knowledge. They know not what they do, or what they have become. It is not their fault. Do you see it yet? One lens is judgement, the other is mercy.

This is why so many of us believe that we need a new heart. We focus so much on our physical eye because our real (spiritual) eyes haven’t been opened yet. If we needed a new heart, then Jesus failed in His mission, even though He said Himself, “It is finished!” Have we forgotten that God told Peter to “Call NO man unclean!”? When you call yourself wicked, you’re calling Jesus wicked. When you call them wicked, you’re calling Jesus wicked. Why? “What you did unto them, you did unto Me” (Matt. 25:40). That’s why Jesus told Paul, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?” What??? Paul wasn’t persecuting Jesus, he was persecuting the Christians…Oh wait, that’s right! What you do unto them, you do unto Christ. Judge them, you judge Christ. Love them, you love Christ. God took the 2 greatest commands and squeezed them together. Loving God and loving people are one in the same. So, I would suggest you speak better about yourself and others…especially those who don’t agree with your doctrine. And maybe try putting on a different lens. When God made you, He said it was very good. His word doesn’t return void.


False. It was both of you. You are joined with Him, and reconciled to Him. Nothing can separate you from each other, no flaw, no failure, no sin…nothing. That means, what you do, He does. That’s why Philip couldn’t get what Jesus was saying when he asked Him, “Show us the Father!” and Jesus responding, “Have I not been with you so long, Philip?…” You and the Father are one. And that’s why rejecting others’ compliments and redirecting them upward to God is false humility. But when you receive the praise of others knowing that you’re not trying to glorify God and that He’s already glorified through His Son, this is called genuine humility. Learn how to just say, “Thank you.”

Here’s another lie tied in with this one: “God used me.” Meh. I don’t think so, son of God. You aren’t a robot or a slave. I learned this one the hard way. He has given you freedom to step wherever you wish, just as where the wind blows where it wishes (John 3:8). In fact, I’ve actually started getting irritated when other people tell me “Oh, it’s so cool that God used you for His glory,” from a genuine experience I had concerning the Kingdom of God. This is just another way of saying, “I can’t believe you actually did that…you’re just trash compared to God…well, at least He took any glory you were thinking of stealing for yourself…Just remember, you’re just a slave.” Yup. That’s pretty much what you just said behind those lines. Deep down, I’m going, “NOOOO!” So, it sounds like we need to watch our tongue and change the way we think about God. He doesn’t use you, silly. You are free to being the best Christ in you. Not a slave, but a son. He trusts you. Don’t make it harder or complicated than it actually is. If you really want to know how it goes with God, He’s your rear guard. That means it really is you being a son of God, and Daddy watching your back.


False. Good luck…I’ve tried it. Probably referencing Matthew 17:21 after the disciples couldn’t cast out the demon. Probably good to note that this passage is omitted by the NU-text, meaning it was added on. And yes, I know it is also in Mark 9:29, even though the NU-text still omits the word “fasting”. When you read this in context, Jesus told the disciples something they didn’t want to hear, the answer to their question, “Why couldn’t we cast it out”: “Because of your unbelief.” He just said it straight up. Not because they didn’t try harder, or pray hard enough…they just didn’t believe. Why? Well, imagine their situation. They were up against boy who had epilepsy. That explains why they were doubtful…it was because they were moved by what they saw. To keep it short and simple, Jesus demonstrated that you don’t need to fast to move the mountain. You have become a fast. “What the heck does that mean, Phil?” Just read Isaiah 58. That will explain why Jesus told the Pharisees, “Why would they need to fast when the Bridegroom [Christ] is with them?” And prayer? Just remember to pray out of faith and not out of worry. Sometimes you need to pray to “gather your thoughts” in order to step out and heal the sick, or cast out the demon. That’s what Peter did in Acts…he prayed and then he commanded Tabitha to arise. Some of you didn’t even know you could do those things. But Jesus promised in that same context, “You only need about a mustard seed of faith (that’s very very small) to move the biggest mountain (that’s very very big). And nothing shall be impossible for you.” That’s what He said. I’m just choosing to believe it. Let Him be true and every man a liar.


False. Though this is easy to say in prayer, we have misunderstood why Jesus prayed this way in the garden. The word “will” used here is used differently than how we’ve been using it.


Let’s not forget that Jesus also bore the suffering of our souls so that we wouldn’t have to suffer in the soul. If you don’t know already, this is provided in the salvation He gave to us. And this one is called being delivered. This is why He told Daddy He couldn’t do it in His own strength, He needed His Daddy’s strength to carry on what we couldn’t do ourselves. And guess what the next verse says (Luke 22:43): “Then an angel appeared to Him from heaven, strengthening Him.” And so we don’t really need to pray this way anymore…it probably sounds silly to Him anyways since we have His heart living inside us. Maybe we should rather believe that we actually naturally want to do the will of God. And this is very simple…follow your heart.


False. God has called you. Period. He trusts where you want to go and what you want to do when you gain a knowledge and understanding of who He is. He doesn’t have a special “calling”. That is a lie. Actually, the most wealthiest and successful people are the business owners who stay put and not travel EVERYWHERE thinking that God wants them to move here, move there, live over there for a bit, and then move back here. However, God might highlight something in your future or give you an idea of what is possible…but He’s a good Dad of choice and not force. Remember that you are free. Only be free to be the best you, and trust that your heart’s desires are coming from the same heart of your Dad. Don’t think you need to quit football, quit reading, quit music, quit business, or anything else you love to do. God’s enjoying it with you just as much as you are enjoying it.


False. I’m pretty sure you were born again back in AD 30…or 33, whatever. Point being, you didn’t save you. Jesus saved you. “For it is by grace you have been saved through faith, and that is not of yourselves; it is the gift of God” (Eph. 2:8). Did you catch that? It was not your faith that saved you…it was His faith that did. There’s another lie attached to this phrase and it has to do with the word “saved”. It has the same meaning and the same word for salvation. It has nothing to do with “getting into heaven”. It has everything to do with heaven being in you. ” “Believe and you will be saved” does not mean to believe God and accept Him into your heart in order that you are “good to go”. “Believe and you will be saved” means to believe in the  name of God (the will, power, authority, character of God), the promises of God according to the new covenant (which are “Yes!” and “Amen!” in Him…2 Cor. 1:20). Make sense yet?

Now with that cleared up, here’s what I am not saying: I’m not saying everyone is saved. If that were true, then darkness would have been gone a long time ago. However, I am saying that salvation has come to everyone. There is a clear difference between the two. “Salvation has come to all” means that it has been made available to all. Those who are being saved simply means those who are practicing faith. This was precisely why Paul got in trouble with the Jews in Acts. He told them, “Hey! Salvation has come to the Gentpinocchioiles too!” And they hated it because it meant that their efforts and traditions for being righteous was for nothing (Gal. 2:21). They missed the mark…meaning, they didn’t understand that the way to righteousness is by Grace, through faith, and not by the Law of Moses. Now, if you disagree, which you probably might, you might as well admit that you believe in a God who shows favoritism. Paul’s gospel was offensive to the Jews because it proved that God loved everyone and not just those “chosen few” and their self-efforts to prove their worthiness to Him. Jesus’s prayer got answered in the garden about us being in union with Them, and Paul preached everywhere that salvation has come, not only to the Jews, but also to the Gentiles! To put it another way in modern-day language, here was Paul’s message: “Salvation has come, not only to the Christians, Catholics, Lutherans, but also to the Buddhists, Mormons, Atheists, Agnostics, Homosexuals, Skeptics, and even those without a religion. Everyone!” Why? Because God loves everyone and shows no favoritism. We couldn’t save ourselves. He did. Now, THAT is offensive isn’t it? Why is it? Think about why it is offensive, write it down, then let me know. It is easy to point the finger and say, “You’re in the wrong,” but, God showed us otherwise. Again, this was Paul’s message, and this is also why he preached several times, “There is no difference…We are all one in Him.” I promise you. If you understand this message, you will explode in freedom and love for everyone. In fact, I dare you to believe it. Truth is…deep down in your heart, you already do. It just makes sense.

Just remember. When you say, “I am saved,” you aren’t saying that you are “good to go” and will one day go to heaven. When you say, “I am saved,” you are saying that you are protected, healed, delivered, made whole, preserved, provided for, full, rich, and the list goes on. It concerns the promises of God for you, not when you die, but for abundant living purposes for today!


False. Here’s what you just said, “God, you almost cleansed me…you forgot the filthiness inside me.” Here’s what He said, “It is finished.” Just because you read David’s psalm 51 and pray the same way he did doesn’t make it safe for you. It can be easy to repeat Scripture and feel like you’re good to go because you said it. I know, I’ve been there. If there is one thing I begged God for, it was exactly this. But He showed me otherwise. And allow me to save you some time from begging, crying out to God, prostrating, and fasting (your view of it). You’re 100% clean. Even if you mess up. Have you forgotten that he took the old you upon Himself and nailed you to the cross with Him, so that by being raised from the dead, you would receive a new and holy nature, so that you can be the best Christ in you, and not try to be? By the way, there’s no process. This isn’t evolution. You were sanctified, and you are being sanctified. This is called growing up in Him. This is transformation. You were transformed from one glory (the Law) to another glory (Grace) 2 Cor. 3:18. Now, instead of asking God to be forgiven, to be clean, to be washed white as snow, you can thank Him instead for setting you free from your old you, and setting you free from the law that cursed you. You have a new law…and it is written on your heart. You are much more holy than you realize. I mean, it’s the same holy God…in you. It’s the same Holy Spirit…in you. Not in partial. But in whole. Only believe.



False. When there’s a “, but”, everything that was previous to the “, but” now becomes false, and everything you say after the “, but” becomes true and becomes your point. So whenever you say this, you are really saying, “God loves you, but God doesn’t love you.” Same goes for, “I love you, but…” The “, but” is the change of direction from one extreme to another. Make sense? So the next time you say or even think, “God loves you, but you need to stop doing…”, you are saying that God will only love that person on a condition…of which you just said. So even though you claim to believe in an unconditional God, you really have a distorted view of God as conditional. And because you believe God is conditional, you believe that love has strings attached, and even your view of love has become selfish and not genuine love. Dang. It is nice to know that God loves you with no strings attached. That means He accepts you and loves you for who you are, not by what you do. That’s a good Dad.


False. You might have just gotten stirred up a little bit, topped with some anger. It’s ok. Calm down. There’s more to this than meets the eye. Let me be simple. God is sovereign. This doesn’t mean He is in control of everything. If He was, then all the “bad” in the world ultimately comes from Him, and if that were true, then God is actually not good, but evil. But He cannot be divided. He is who He is. There is however, another person at play here. Let’s not forget that there is actually one who is wicked, the devil. The children actually understand this more than most: devil bad, God good. If He were in control, why did He give authority and dominion, the control, to Adam and Eve?

There’s one story that the enemy twisted to get us to believe and think wrongly that has been preached in church, but also been spoken in the mouths of many…the story of Job.

Here’s the twisted view (the one we’ve been believing): Job was a faithful man of God blameless and righteous who endured the suffering and testing from God, and because he stayed true to himself and was persistent and faithful, not growing weary through the suffering, God blessed him in the end. Sounds a bit tempting to believe doesn’t it. Might I add that very few people actually read the story.

Well, here’s the actual story: Job was a man who misunderstood the heart of God. At this time, Satan had walked to and fro on the earth trying to find those to devour. He noticed that Job was cursing God in his heart, yet confessing with his lips what he thought was keeping himself righteous, saying: “Blessed be the name of the Lord, for the Lord gave and He has taken away!” Job would glorify God outwardly, but inwardly was cursing Him. Even his wife confronted him about it. So Satan took the opportunity to get Job to curse God right to His face. How? He saw that Job thought it was God that both gave and took back. So Satan took from Job because he knew he would think it to be God and not Satan. He took Job’s livestock, his children, and almost took out Job himself. Meanwhile, Job was not sinning with his lips. But inwardly, his anger towards God became worse and worse because He thought God was doing this to him. His friends confronted him, but didn’t know God either and so there was no help. Another man named Elihu jumped in the conversation out of the blue and pointed out Job’s self-righteousness, and finally, God Himself showed up in a whirlwind and confronted Job for misunderstanding Him. For Job thought he knew better than God as a result. But God humbled Him with his words, and Job repented by changing the way he thought, and because he understood that it wasn’t God who took back what He gave, but rather having discovered that the enemy was stealing from him, blessing came to him with new livestock, new sons and daughters, and long-living.


“What? That’s the story?” Yup. Go ahead and read for yourself. There must be a reason why the enemy wants us to believe otherwise, and that God is to blame. Again, devil bad, God good. He doesn’t promise an end of circumstances or trials, but that you endure with faith (not worry or doubt), with longsuffering and patience, knowing the heart of God and that He is good and does not take back what He gave. The enemy came to steal, kill, and destroy. Jesus came to give life. It is in His nature to give, and not take back. So, if you believe it was God causing destruction, death, and such, why in God’s name would you run to Him for help? You trust in a God who would just out of the blue take away your job, your spouse, steal your money, or even allow to you get sick? “Well, that’s how He teaches us,” you might say. Sorry, but He’s always teaching you…you just decided to listen. But He never uses circumstance to get your attention. That’s a bad Father. “For you are not a God who takes pleasure in wickedness, nor shall evil dwell with You” (Psalm 5:4). Sounds like good is far from bad. Sounds like God is far from the devil.

Now, here’s the difference. God is not in control of everything. However, He is in control of you when you believe in His name. Why? Because you have made Him Lord over your life. That’s why He opened up a job opportunity for you at the right moment, or gave you the exact amount of money you needed, or had a certain person run into you over and over for friendship growth as if it were a coincidence, and so much more. You have trusted Him in this way. Here’s another way to put it: He’s running the salvation at work in your life. Why? He promised you life and life to the full. Can’t you see that He’s helping you?He’s taking care of His children.


False. You just completely misunderstood why Jesus came once in the first place, and you sound like one of them that prayed this way before He did come. Everything Jesus did, you have the capability of doing. Yes, you. Meaning, the person next to you also. Jesus is one person. But when the gospel means Christ in you…that’s a LOT of people. That’s a LOT of Jesus. Does this not make sense yet? You are pretty much an exact clone of Christ. Weird to say it that way…but whatever it takes for you to finally understand and believe just how one you are with Him. He promised: “You will do the same things I have done, and even greater things.” Please, just stay simple and not dig deep on that promise. Just look at what Jesus did on the earth. Now believe you can do those same exact things, and greater things. Think of it this way: You’re with a friend. 1+1=2. There are 2 Christs present right there. Simple. Now, If you pray this way, which I have…many times, you’re actually being ignorant of the gospel and of the gift He gave you. Thanks to Him, you can shine your light in the world, and with other Christs around you. Yay!


False. This is something I hear everyone throw around. It is easy to say. “Glory to God!” “All for Your glory, Lord!” “God used you for His glory.” “Give Him glory!” And SO much more. Did you know that God has been given all glory through His Son? Did you know that He wants you to share in the glory? Did you know that you are actually His glory? What am I saying?

We throw that phrase around as if God needed glory, the attention, and the credit. Is He insecure or something? I thought He was humble…Oh yeah! He is very humble. So humble that He chose to die so that you might be lifted up in glory with Him. You are glorified together with Him (Rom. 8:17). He transformed you having glorified you (Rom. 8:30). You are a carrier of the glory (Matt. 5:16, Isa. 60:3). You have become the glory (2 Cor. 3:18)! It’s the glory of Christ…in YOU!

Consider this: A son plays in a baseball game, and in the last inning, he hits a home run to win the game. All his friends rejoice with him and congratulate him for helping the team win. But he says to them, “Don’t thank me, thank my Father! Glory to Him!” His friends are little confused at that moment…”Uhhh…bro, don’t be ridiculous. I’m pretty sure you just won it for the team!” You see how silly this is? What kind of Father is at his son’s game watching him win for the team, and having His arms crossed, waits for His son to say the magic words: “Glory to God…”. That’s a pretty unloving father if you ask me. I think any good father would be the loudest and proudest there. So proud as to glorify and praise His own son…with not a care in the world who notices.


False. Deep down you know exactly where everyone is destined. Who genuinely wants to go to hell, and suffer eternally? Exactly. That itself says a lot about the heart of God. This is where the good news becomes real when actually understood. And I feel I have a say in it for the way I was brought up and was deceived into thinking. I could spend a lot of time in this subject alone…but it is covered in the gospel as well. If what we have talked about for years past was true, about whether we go to heaven or hell when we die, then what is it that determines that? We don’t like to talk about it, but we all have had the same thinking because of the lie of the enemy. He of course wants us to believe that there is a potential destination of hell when we die for not doing good enough. And when we think like this, we are forced to try and do good, and so we focus ourselves on performance, self-righteous efforts to gain the approval of God, as if He could be disappointed with us for not doing what He wants us to do or how we ought to live. Why? Because we don’t want to go to hell…let’s be utterly honest with ourselves. But, if this were the case, which the vast majority of us think this way, then we are deceived. Why? Because my relationship with God has then become a relationship of fear. And this is called one thing: slavery. What does this look like? An immensely abusive marriage relationship. Think about it. The woman (whom we represent) has become the victim and the husband (whom Christ represents) has become the villain. In this kind of relationship, the woman is bound, trapped, and forced to please her husband, just so she can survive. There is no love involved. If she does good enough to him, maybe he will pardon her from wrath. Seriously. This is the same kind of view we have of God…we just don’t admit it. Some of us have grown up into Him and never mention hell as a destination point because it just doesn’t feel right. Some of us don’t think about it because we already think we’re good to go when we decided to “believe”. Well allow me to shine some light on the heart of God.devilcanthandlethetruth

We have to think differently on this. Heaven and hell are not destination points. They are for now. Let me say it again: Heaven and hell are not places that we end up going to in the end. It is a matter of what we experience today. This is why believing is good for one thing – to experience heaven, and not hell. Heaven is good, hell is bad. Sound familiar? God good, devil bad. That means Heaven is God’s Kingdom, and hell is Satan’s kingdom. And just to remind you, he is terribly losing the battle, and in fact he is being reminded daily that he already lost. If you are angry, feeling jealous, bitter, suffering depression, or anything else that doesn’t feel good, then very simply put, you’re experiencing hell. If you are feeling utterly critical for some reason right now and you suddenly have this growing hate towards what I am saying, you are certainly experiencing hell, my friend. If you are given a gift from a friend, or just found out that you got accepted into a certain university, or was handed money for something you needed, or walked into a surprise birthday party for you, or got prayed for and now your leg is healed miraculously, then you are experiencing heaven. Here’s heaven: love, joy, peace, faithfulness, patience, gentleness, kindness, goodness, healing, restoration, health, well-being…anything under the label of good. Here’s hell: hate, pride, sickness, pain, torment, depression, cancer, bitterness, insecurity, laziness, oppression, jealousy, wrath, judgement…anything under the label of bad.

By now, you should already see that both heaven and hell are real. They are VERY real. Heaven is real, yes. Hell is real, yes. But you’re only destined for the good one. And NOT only just the place where you end up going. It’s here, now! This is what Jesus taught His disciples. Let me remind you of the gospel. Jesus put heaven inside of you. It’s within you. And it comes in bodily form – body, soul, and spirit. This is what it means to have the Holy Spirit in you. He’s a person. Your mind, your heart, and even your body. Yes, your body. Why else would my back be healed after my friend prayed for it? So you ask, “So the whole world is saved?” Here’s my response: “No silly, just jump back to lie #6 and re-read what I said about using the word ‘saved'”. Not everyone is being saved, but salvation has come to everyone. Believing will keep you walking and experiencing the riches of heaven…in you! If you don’t believe the promises of God, or you just simply don’t know the message, then you are more prone to walk in the depths of hell, through the valley of the shadow of death…by the way you think. Jesus told Mary that she chose the better half. And so I tell you to choose your better half…your heart. Why? Because your mind can still be listening to lies, fear, doubt, worry, etc. The more you close off and stiffen your heart, the more you give into the lie. The truth sets you free to live out of your heart. Why? Because your heart is true. I’m not saying your mind is wicked and evil. No, rather, you have the mind of Christ. I’m just saying you can never go wrong with the heart.

If you still want to be enslaved with a perverted gospel, and live trying to please your God, then go on ahead…no one is stopping you. If you do want freedom, just consider this and talk to God about it. I only know these things because I come to Him and He teaches me through revelation and communion. You can do the same thing. I do know however that deep down you want to believe it. Why? Because that message of truth is already in you.


False. I know what you are thinking: “WHHATT?!” and I say, “YES!” This is one of the biggest misconceptions about God. Yet, we always throw this out there. It is actually part of the reason why we believe in a false God who is in control of everything. It is the reason why we have a hard time moving forward in life. It is the reason why we become agnostic, and why we don’t care. It is the reason why we give up easily. There is an attitude that says, “I don’t care, God already knows what I’m going to do.” Here’s what this way of thinking does:

1) You have a misunderstanding of the word “predestined” and so you join in with the different doctrines of “predestination”, deceiving yourself even more, when it is in fact rather simple. And because of this, you believe God has favorites, and that there are some who are chosen and some who are not.

Anytime the word predestined is used, there was more following the word. Take out “pre” and what do you have? “Destined”. Destined for what? You were pre-destined to adoption as sons by Jesus. You were pre-destined to be conformed into the image of His Son. What does that mean? It means He knew beforehand that you would be just like Him. Yet, we think predestination has something to do with God’s “sovereign control”. As if God is going, “I’ve chosen these few because they’re smart, they get it. They can do it.” But all of a sudden we forget that God showed us otherwise…He chose the weak, the incapable, the inadequate, the unable and unqualified. Why? Because He shows no favoritism. It wouldn’t have been fair to choose someone who was mighty. “But what about Samson?” Guess again Sherlock. Samson was probably an ordinary looking guy if the Philistines and Delilah herself couldn’t figure out for days how Samson was so strong. Either they were just dumb and had issues with their eyes, or Samson was actually a little scrawny. And so by this, He has shown that He has chosen all. Want to know who’s “predestined”? Anyone that comes out of a mother’s womb…that’s who. We have to change the way we see things and see the God of love who shows no favoritism.

2) Your view of God becomes like that of a police officer where He is on constant watch on your every move, ready to find fault with you, making it for you too hard to live life because you’re bound and not free.

I’ve heard a lot of people say, “Well God already knows that I’m going to fail because I’m just a dirty little sinner.” There’s a lot of false in that statement. But nonetheless, they give up. They don’t try because it’s too hard to follow a misconceived gospel when they believe God is watching their every move. Let me ask you one thing: What kind of Dad is that? Sounds like a dad that has trust issues.

3) As I mentioned about Job, you begin to take on the mind that he had and believe that God must be ultimately in control of all things because He knows all things. So you continue to believe that He is both good and evil.

Lately, this statement has not been sitting with me well because I actually saw this belief destroy friends and family, and so I asked God why. Here is what He showed me concerning Him being “The God Who Knows”

      • King Saul: God anointed Saul King, but did He know he would fail as a king to lead the people of God? Why didn’t He just go with David and save some people trouble? Why would He choose Saul if He knew He was going to fail? To us, that sounds dumb, but nope. God is smart. There must be something more about Him who knows.
      • The Fall: Adam and Eve hid themselves from God. And God asks,”Where are you?” Did He not know? Thinking that wasn’t dumb enough, He asked Adam, “Who told you that you were naked?” And again, “Have you eaten from the tree of which I commanded you that you shouldn’t eat?” Not enough questions? Well there is still one more, “What is this you have done?” It is as if God wouldn’t have known if they didn’t say anything. Maybe He was just trying to get the truth out of them…maybe not. But there must be something more about Him who knows.
      • The Serpent’s Lie: The way the serpent formed the lie is notable: “You will not surely die. For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” The best form of a lie is to twist the truth. Also, God didn’t want them to know what was good and what was evil, but to simply experience life. There must be something more about Him who knows.
      • Jacob’s Victory: And God said, “Let Me go, for the day breaks.” But he said, “I will not let go unless You bless me!” So He said to him, “What is your name?” He said, “Jacob.” Again, as if God didn’t know. There must be something more about Him who knows.

Hosea 8:4 “They set up kings, but not by Me; they made princes, but I did not acknowledge them.” This word for acknowledge means: take notice, to be acquainted.

1 John 3:20 “For if our conscience condemns us, God is greater than our conscience, and knows all things.” This word “knows” is the greek word “ginosko” which means: to learn to know, to come to know, to get a knowledge of, to become known, to have a knowledge of, to become acquainted with, to be conscious of, to be aware of.


Here is the kicker: The God who knows all things is vastly different from the God who has the power to know all things. And the latter is true. This means that there is still this thing called choice. There is still an option to know. It is not by default that God knows everything. But He does have the ability to know all things. He said Himself when correcting Job: “And now, because He [God] has not punished in His anger, nor taken much notice (acknowledgement) of folly…”(Job 35:15). What if there are things of which He does not want to know? Things that He might not want to take notice of? But what sort of things would He not want to acknowledge? 

First off, God is good. That means, in Him is light and no darkness at all. And that means He is far from darkness and has nothing to do with it, having no relationship with it (Psalm 4:4). Second, He is not about knowing what is good or what is bad. That would be eating from the wrong tree. His lens is that of Grace and life, and not through a lens of the Law. This does not mean that He cannot see wickedness, because He certainly can, but maybe it is just something that He does not acknowledge or bring up to surface. Could this be why Jesus stuck His finger in the ground drawing circles when the Pharisees brought the woman caught in adultery (failure), trying to get his attention? Or why He mentioned no such failure to the thievery of Zaccheus when He invited him to dine with Him? Or when He mentioned no such failure when He found out by prophesying to the woman at the well that she had been sleeping around with different men? Or when Adam and Eve failed, yet God didn’t know until they told Him what “bad” they did?

To explain this further, what good is there in acknowledging failure? Acknowledging folly? Acknowledging mistakes? Maybe God just wants us to live and be free, and not try to do what is good and try not to do what is bad. Maybe God isn’t focused on our failures or even our successes. To Him, the under-achiever is no different than the over-achiever. Maybe He is waiting for us to set that kind of mindset aside and just be life.

Lastly, there are only two places in the Bible where it says that God knows the heart. And this is true. This phrase is actually one word – listed in Acts 1:24 and Acts 15:8. It means “knower of hearts”. It is not rocket science. God knows your heart. Why? Because that’s where He lives. He loves you so much, He knows you. And knowing that in Him is light and no darkness at all, that definitely shines light on how He sees you, and how He knows you. He is the most optimistic, positive and cheerful person ever! He certainly must know about His own Home in you. Your heart.

What Do I Do Now?

You are either ready to jump out of your chair with excitement because your heart was open the whole time being stirred up, or you’re wishing you could give me just one good smack in the face because your heart was closed in reading this, having many traditions and doctrines of men that are not on solid ground. But where does this leave you? The message of the gospel produces an abundance of good fruit. So, here are two things you can focus on if you are looking for direction:

1) You’re relationship with God. Talk to Him. But then listen to Him in your heart. Let Him assure you in this gospel. Let Him assure you of who you are, and of who He really is. Let Him speak to you with visions, with good emotions, with daydreaming, and with revelation. He loves you. Period.

2) Your relationship with people. I don’t know about you, but all these things which He has taught me has compelled me to see everyone around me differently – my family, my friends, my co-workers, strangers, celebrities, and pretty much everyone. When you see through the heart of Christ, you are seeing through love. And this is who you are. Spend time with one another. Fellowship is too good to be true. Friendship is always something to cherish.

See God with new eyes, see yourself with new eyes, and see the world with new eyes, not of hate, but of compassion. This message no doubt produces liberty. Have the courage to follow your heart, the place where God is leading you, that you may walk in freedom and life.




  1. This is great, great stuff, dude! I’ve been learning these exact things over the last couple of years or so. If we’re ever in the same town, I’d love to buy you a coffee and sit down and chat for a while. I think it’d be amazing. Be blessed, bro!

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