Following the Old Law vs. Having Become the New Law

“If we were all still a sinful people, then Christ never died. If we claim to be sinners, then Christ’s work was for nothing. If we still had unforgiven sin, then Christ’s righteousness is of no avail. If I could still sin, then the law is still operating.

“The only way to be rid of sins and the sin nature is to be cleansed from the inside out, of which there is no other way but to die. And the only way to be free from sin is to be born again with a new and holy nature. Therefore, the only way to be free from sin is for the law to be voided. For where there is no law, there is no transgression. And there must be another way of life that is not like following the law. And the only way to be holy and remain holy is to become the law, with no effort or will to try and keep, for it is included in the new nature. Is not Jesus the way, and not the law? Did not He become sin for us so that we would be made permanently right before God? Did not He fulfill and abolish the law, making it obsolete and outdated? The only way is to naturally want to do things concerning the law, and the only way to naturally want to do the law is to become the law. And because the law was written on our hearts, I no longer follow the law, but the Spirit who is in me. And because I am no longer worried about doing good or being morally right, for these things have passed away and have been completed within me, I am free, in regard to sin, to be, to live, and walk in this new nature.

“So when I make mistakes (not sin, because I am not under law), to what law do I break, but that which is in me? The result of the new covenant is that if I don’t follow the law of the Spirit within me, or follow my own heart, then I break the law within me, and I am not being myself, but rather someone I am not. So when I do things that I know contradict my own heart, it hurts me, because I naturally want to do what is good, what is true and what is hopeful. All thanks to Christ, who instead of allowing us to choose between the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and the tree of life, has already placed the tree of life within our hearts, without our consent. That’s grace. Now I no longer am under law, but am under grace. For I have become the law.”


One thought on “Following the Old Law vs. Having Become the New Law

  1. This is really good. Such comfortable, forthright language that makes me go, “Huh. That makes so much sense.” Thanks, bro!

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