A Real Man

“Be a man!” “Man up!” “Talk to me like a man!” This isn’t being a man. A man doesn’t speak with anger. A man doesn’t lose his temper. A man is not someone who is tough. A man isn’t someone who’s older and therefore has “wisdom”. A man doesn’t try to prove anything to himself or to others. A man doesn’t give up for others.

Here’s what a real man does: he humbles himself. A man lays down his life. He honors and respects all, no matter what mistakes they’ve done. A man watches his tongue and is slow to speak, quick to understand. A man walks in forgiveness and mercy because he understands that that is who he is. A man acknowledges that he was, is, and has always been forgiven, chosen, accepted, and perfected. A man takes responsibility with no burden. A man listens. A man takes the position to serve all. A man walks in hope. A man rests. A man looks like a good father. A man is soft like a gentle mother. A man chooses the better half – his heart.

Want a more definition of a man? He is already in you. His name is Christ, and His name is love. A man grows up in Him.


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