Why & When?

People think that they know You, yet they do not come to You. People make You out to be a murderer, yet Your name is Life. People make You out to be a thief, yet Your name is Giver. People make You out to be wrathful, yet Your name is Love. People make You out to be confusing, yet Your name is Peace. People make You out to be a god of war, yet Your name is Joy. People make You out to be controlling, yet Your name is Father. People make You out to be punishing, yet Your name is Forgiveness. Your name is Merciful. Your name is Righteous. Your name is Holy. No one at any time saw You, could understand You, nor perceive You as You rightfully are, until Jesus. You are light, and in You is no darkness at all. You are good, and in you is no bad at all. Your justice people misunderstand. Your grace people misunderstand. Yet, all these things have been revealed through Your Son. He is the way. He is Truth. He is Life. All things were created by Him, through Him, and for Him.

Why won’t we come to You? Why do we not spend time with You? What has caused our hearts to harden? Why won’t we open up our hearts? Why have we become so opinionated when the truth has been written on our hearts? Why do we wage war against one another in our minds and actions, when we are brother and sister? Is it so hard to love one another? Is it so hard to forgive? Is it so hard to have patience? Is it so hard to think selflessly? Or is all this the result of us forgetting who we really are? When will the church know who She really is, as one? When will we turn off our minds and turn on our hearts? When will we love, not in word or tongue, but in action and truth?

Surely, You are for us and not against us. Surely, we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness. Surely, the Bride will know that You have always been with Her. That you have always loved Her. That she was never destined for wrath, but predestined to be conformed to Your image, to be like You, and to be with You, and to be You. Surely, She will remember who She really is. Surely, She will know You as You rightfully are. For You are not slack. You are Faithful and True.


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