What do I hate most? Pride. When pride invades the mind of a person for lack of guard. It is what happens when a person justifies everything to their own understanding, therefore misunderstanding. Unfortunately, it is a common response when a person gets their hopes up from someone else, or when someone lets them down, never giving them another chance, but even if they did, they hold on to that record of wrong and hold it against them, unconsciously. It is being doubtful in others, and when that doubt wins off and people fail, they congratulate themselves. It is looking down at someone, rather than up. It is being unwilling. It is a battle for higher position, a competition for who’s better. It is the closed bud of a flower. Pride is rooted in fear. Fear that others will let them down. Fear of being less. Fear of losing. Fear of being humiliated. It is fear of being open. It is a constant focus on self. It is living from the mind rather than from the heart. It is the result of forgetting what is good and true. When it invades, the one thing it pronounces is “I…”.

Thank goodness God removed this from our hearts a long time ago, and that our new nature is humility, whether we see it ourselves or not.

People will fail you. You will fail. I will fail. How will you respond? Closed-heart: you will look like what is mentioned above. Open-heart: you will look like Christ.


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