The Finished Work – New Nature

It is in our nature to love, to bring peace, to accept and not reject, to be joyful and not angry, to be gentle, to be kind, to be merciful and forgiving, to be faithful, to be good, and to do what’s right. We were given a new nature. We’re a new creation, the old one passed away. So how come it may not be my first reaction to do or be these things? We have all been transformed in heart and spirit, but our minds may not have been renewed in its thinking. It is being renewed to the degree of our knowledge and understanding of the Son of God, Truth Himself, thereby knowing also who we rightfully are, and what He accomplished for us all on the cross, the finished work.

Truth is truth, whether we know it or not. Faith accesses the gift given to us all. It’s not a bunch of empty words we speak, but the deeds through faith, not works of righteousness, and faith working through love that make us look different than the world, not that we may be viewed as higher or better or holier than anyone else, but that all may come to the knowledge of the truth, the knowledge of who we really are, not as humans, but as new creations. We are all one in Christ.

Knowing this, that Christ has rested from His works, and so have we through the finished work of the cross (Heb. 4:10), there’s no need for us to ask, beg, or plead with God to change a person, to change people, or even to change a city. He already did. He changed us all on the cross.

Want God to shine His light? He has – You are the light of the world (Mat. 5:14)! Want God to heal the sick? He has – You heal the sick (Mat. 10:8, Luke 10:9)! Want God to bring revival? He has – You are revived (Rom. 3:24, Eph. 1:7, 1 Pet. 1:18)! Want an anointing from God? You are anointed. Christ in you, the Anointed One (1 John 2:20, Col. 1:27). Want God to deliver His people? He has – You have been delivered from the power of darkness, and have been transferred into His Kingdom (Col. 1:13). Want God to forgive you? He has – You are forgiven and He holds no record of your past, present, or future sins (1 Cor. 13:5, Heb. 10:17). Want God to be given all glory? He has – You are His beloved Son (2 Pet. 1:17).

It is finished! No need to wait for Him anymore. He already sent you. You carry His glory, He wants to share it with you. After all, He lives in you. Whether you feel it or not. Whether you believe it or not. You are a new creation. You may know it, but not an unbeliever. The truth about an unbeliever? They are also a new creation. They are also forgiven, redeemed, delivered, loved, etc. What makes you different from them? Their position in Christ is the same as yours, for God loves all His children and He shows no favoritism. They just might not know it. What’s it all worth though without faith? Faith allows us to experience the destiny God has planned in us since the beginning, and Jesus took back what was stolen for us. Now, the more we walk in our new identity, in our new nature in Christ, this indescribable love of the Father that we demonstrate will unlock hearts through the renewing of the mind, and this will spread throughout the world. Loving one another is the foundation of Kingdom growth on the earth.


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