God’s Word on Faith & Thanksgiving

“‘I believe that God can…’ is not true faith. Those kinds of statements come from houses that will always be tossed to and fro and winded by doctrine, wavering, because they aren’t understanding what has been accomplished. People that don’t understand the words, ‘It is finished!’ say things about Me in the present tense – ‘He will heal me. He pours His love. He forgives. He gives life. He redeems us. He cleanses us. He spares us. He removes our sins. He fills us. He saves us, delivers us, protects us, provides for us.’ All these things, I have done. ‘It is done!’ This way, none shall waver. None shall perish. None shall be moved. None shall wander. Truth is an establishment of something that already came; a completion of things done on a cross. If there were no true historical event, there will always be wandering, wavering, like the old covenant. They pleaded with Me to answer prayer. They asked Me to move the mountains, though it was never meant for Me to do such a thing. You get to move the mountains.

“‘I believe without a doubt that God can…’ and, ‘I believe without a doubt that God will…’ are false statements. Those who say these things deceive themselves for a lack of knowledge. ‘God has…’ is faithful and true. True faith, true belief, changes your praying from asking to thanking. Out of that thanksgiving, one builds himself up in truth, knowing these things.

“Thanksgiving is the praise to the Father. The power of words in the tongue declare promises accomplished, it sets man free, it takes back whatever the enemy has stolen. It produces a fire in the heart because thanksgiving is the trumpet sound to open up the gates of the heart that heaven may flow, and that rivers may run. Thanksgiving be the avenue to a man girded in mind and heart, and as the gates of heaven open up, man shall not waver in unbelief and doubt for he has chosen the better half, his heart, where peace flows as the river springs forth from bank to bank, leaving man thirsty and hungry for that place again and again. It causes irritation for a man’s days as he thinks and thinks, ‘How can I get this place too?’ As a result, he goes in search for it, and he finds and is satisfied. For he has returned home.”

“Thanksgiving is honey to the Father, for it quakes His heart to know His children are grateful, and because His heart absorbs words of life coming from His own children, His soul is delighted. And because He has taken residence in man, they feel the pressing of His heart, His joy, the groaning of the Spirit. For His heart is truly ravished. Therefore, so are they that give thanks.”


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