Healing 2|28|13

Another! Tonight at prayer, a 61-year old man named Keith has had a blood clot problem with his left leg for years. I said a quick prayer and all pain was gone!! And he lit up! Haha!

Then, a girl was brought to me named Cassady. Her hips were not aligned, which messed up her back, can’t sit for too long. I shared with her the story of Keith, cause it just happened before I met her. Then I prayed for her, told her hips to be healed, and she said that they felt aligned, and not crooked anymore! Then I got to speak into her life, prophesy, and tears were flowing down her eyes (I know I’m excited, but at the time, I felt the compassion come out of me), because the things I was speaking to her was about the struggle of her past, and how she had closed her heart because of rejection, and lots of other things she needed to hear. Then i gave her a hug and said, “Nice to meet you!” I’m blown away by God!


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