Healing 2|26|13

Last night for Bible Study, we ended up just goin out, walkin around. We fed some homeless people, and got to encourage them to the core! I talked to a guy named Faden, and he had major lower back pain for hitch-hiking, but after 3 times of praying for him, he had no more pain!

Met a guy named Joseph as we were heading back, and he was just full of pain, and depression; hopelessness. But we came to him, and he showed us his feet, blistered and swollen, and he said he was cold and was shivering. I took his hand and set his feet free, and then he continued to say his neck was in bad shape and had metal in it, and his hip was messed up. So I prayed again, this time told him just before I took his hand that he was going to feel heat from the Spirit to keep him warm for the rest of the night. As I prayed, I kept holding his hand, and told him to move his neck, after 2 times he had no problem! At this point he started to sweat a little (haha!). This whole time, he was crying and thanking God. Then he told his mom had cancer, and so we blessed her, and he was filled with Hope, you could see it all over him. One of us also pointed out that his feet were way less swollen, and he noticed and he didn’t feel pain there anymore. GOD IS GOOD! He gave us his mom’s information as well so that we could bless and pray for her.


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