Conversation with God about Fellowship with Him

Father, how does one fellowship with you, dine with you, be in your presence, and really experience you to the full?

“Draw near to Me with a sincere heart. It is when you open up your heart. That is what sincere means. Like the other day when you interceded for Marina, you said that she would open up her heart to Me for absolute fellowship. See, My Spirit was praying through you, son. Like faith, as soon as you step off the boat to be with Me, you have your reward. In Matthew 6, it talks about the secret place. As soon as you ‘go’, I meet you there. In your heart I speak, in your thoughts I speak, in your imagination I speak, and in your words I speak. When you come into that place, you are focused, and because you are focused as of a dove’s eye, I am able to transport My thoughts, My ideas, My words, and My love to you because you’ve opened up that window of yours – your own heart. I am always there. It is when you begin to really listen that you find Me. And it isn’t hard. All it is is drawing your full attention to Me. That’s why it’s called ‘dove’s eyes’. It is as if you have one eye, single-focused. And that is a picture of Me and the Bride in Song of Solomon – she had dove’s eyes, and I loved it so much because I was able to pour my love on her! Same is true today! See, for you it is easy because of how your mind is made. You really process things, but it isn’t slow. It is fascinating to you. For others it is a little harder to do, because they haven’t exercised it. You notice how Mary pondered things? Was it her thoughts, or her heart? That’s right – her heart. Do you know why? It’s because she wasn’t afraid to open up her heart. She was listening with her heart. There are many things you’ve pondered, but they weren’t of your mind. The heart is where Truth stands, and so a lot of the things you ponder are true. Son, you’ve been meditating with your heart, not so much with your mind.”

What’s the difference? How can I keep listening with the heart rather than the mind?

“The difference is that of the Spirit. You see, the mind can bring confusion, doubt, worry, or fear as well, but not the heart. Many people think that the heart can change, but I’ve already changed it. It is the renewing the mind that triggers the awakening of the heart and soul. So you know those times when you are at church and you begin to be distracted in your heart? That’s right, it’s your heart. As soon as the heart is open, I am there. That’s what it means to have a sincere heart. Most hearts open up when they are listening, especially at church. But for you, you’ve exercised listening to Me more than you think you have. When you imagine yourself on stage speaking, that’s Me! You’re listening with your heart!

“So why do you think it is when you open up your heart that you experience Me? Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is in you. I said according to the new covenant that I would take out the heart of stone and put in a heart of flesh, along with a new spirit, and the Holy Spirit. This isn’t just any spirit that is in you, it is My Spirit – Holy. Jesus said that rivers of living water will flow out of the heart, and this He spoke concerning My Spirit. Why the heart? Because that’s where I am. I have moved into every heart, Myself, and My Kingdom. and My children are waking up to that reality. That is what made the heart pure, not by people’s actions, but because of what Christ accomplished and finished on the cross. Again I say, every heart is pure, but the renewing of the mind triggers its awakening.”


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