Conversation with God about Worry

“Father, can you talk to me about worry?”

“Worry is not of Me. And it isn’t of you. Worry is rooted in fear and as you know, that is the enemy. There were things in your past that affected this.”

“What events?”

“Remember the time when you switched schools from Temple Baptist to Westwood Elementary? It was mainly because you were going somewhere new, and had never stepped out without knowing anyone. It’s like you took a leap of faith. Like Peter who got off the boat. Why did he fall? He started to focus on himself – his issues, actions, work, everything. His thought was on himself. It’s when you truly die to yourself, that is when you will not worry or be anxious, but rather have peace and confidence. I love seeing you in this place. Nothing is impossible when you’re in this place. I tell you this that being comfortable is ok only for a moment, but there is a greater comfortability, and it’s simply this: jumping off the boat to be with Me. Walking on the water is the greater comfort, but it’s just hard for people to get off and move. The discomfort is only momentary. But what if it were easy for you to jump off. Think about it – Peter asked if he could join Jesus. What do you think the other disciples were thinking of him? See, they weren’t even willing. Jesus was already off the boat, He always is ready to meet you there and catch you when you fall. The disciples hadn’t died to themselves, but were trying to survive on their own strength, which was worry for them. Everything on self-strength is everything but the fruit of the Spirit. The true fruit. Phil I see you rising up like Peter. He was willing. He had nothing to lose. That is something that people miss. That story has more to say about Peter and the disciples.”

“How can you help me remove this worry?”

“Just trust Me. I love you. Would I let you sink? Absolutely not. My grace is enough for you and it comforts those who rise up to take action into who they truly are. You know that I’ve already removed it. Believe that you are confident. Like Peter, who didn’t think about the thoughts of the other disciples, do likewise. So what? I say, let them think. Action speaks louder. When you take action, people watch and because it is truth lived out, it is conviction to righteousness. Not condemnation. Do not worry about what other people think. It is good to care for others, but worrying what people think will keep you from doing My will.”

“So what’s the difference between worrying what people think and being sensitive to other’s needs?”

“Everyone has needs even though the spiritually mature grow to discover that what I have is theirs. However, listen to your heart. The heart is different than the mind, where thoughts come from. It is good to care for others when they have needs but the difference is that feelings can come from different spirits such as fear, anxiety, criticism, doubt, peace, zeal, and more. Thoughts and feelings aren’t always drawn from the heart.”

“I’m not sure I fully understand, Lord.”

“Take Zacchaeus for example – he was a tax collector. Now think for a moment, a tax collector can worry most of the time depending on if people pay or not, and at the same time can live comfortably and not take steps of faith. Read the story – Luke 19:1-10. He was a rich tax collector, the chief. A short rich man who sought to see Jesus but couldn’t because of the large crowd. He runs ahead and climbs a sycamore tree to see Him. Just to see Him. Jesus saw him. He took notice of him. Why? Jesus was surrounded by a large crowd. Why Zacchaeus? Jesus saw the effort it must have taken him just to see Him, which stands out in a crowd. This was action. Zacchaeus stepped out of his comfort zone. The whole crowd had thoughts toward him – bad, discouraging thoughts, but get this, people don’t even mean to have bad thoughts. Those bad thoughts are the voice of the devil. Why? Because he’s against you for stepping out. That’s comforting in itself isn’t it? So, the whole crowd was watching this moment, when Jesus told Zacchaeus to come down. For Zacchaeus to hear Him and for Jesus to be heard, the whole crowd had to have been silent to listen. And He told him that He must stay in his house. All Zacchaeus did was make an effort to see Jesus. Therefore, he was rewarded. Jesus came to dine with him because he opened his own door. Not to mention Zacchaeus was, in people’s eyes, a sinner, but Christ chose him anyway because He saw something in him that was good.”

What about the crowd? Were they not diligent enough, I’m sure that they wanted the same as what Zacchaeus was awarded?

“Zacchaeus was the only one who thought to climb a tree. And he did. Climbing that tree is the key. This was a sycamore tree. As you know, Jesus sees right into the heart of a person. So even though climbing a tree was external, He saw where the desperation came from. This wasn’t just any tax collector, this was the chief. He had to drop what he was doing just to see Jesus. It was excitement. For everyone else, they were doing it for personal gain. Zacchaeus didn’t have any other intention but to see Jesus. He wasn’t seeking a reward. But to his surprise he was rewarded with Jesus dining with him. Zacchaeus didn’t need to be told that he was stealing and doing wrong. Did Jesus condemn him, no. He already knew in his heart. That’s why he confessed to Jesus, because he wanted to. Jesus didn’t mention it at all.”

“Phil, there are a lot of things you can pull from this, but start with this: don’t think about what others might be thinking of you. This is different than knowing what people are burdened with. I will help you. Never ask yourself, ‘What is he gonna think of me if I do this,’  or ‘I wonder how he will react if I do this,’ I just want you to be you. I will take care of others. It is Me who changes people. I can change people through you, but it’s not in your own effort. People are changed by miracles, which explains why it’s not human effort. You can focus on others, but try not to think about what they are thinking about. What is that to you? Just follow Me. Keep your eyes on Me, just like what happened to Peter and Zacchaeus. They didn’t think about themselves, or think about what other people were thinking about themselves. See, both are still focused on self. It’s just the work of the enemy trying to do what he can to have you think about yourself, see yourself, focus on self. Things like this will keep you from moving forward. But the reward is seeing Me, focusing on what is ahead. I am that vision. I got you, son.”


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