Conversation with God about Forgiveness

What about Forgiveness?

“Forgiveness involves another person. Like love. The act of forgiveness changes a person for the better because they do know love, and it resonates with every heart. They can’t deny its power. Love never fails. This love is forgiveness. Every person that comes into contact with My forgiveness is changed, and they can’t do anything about it. Why? Because love is written on every heart. That is the law of the Spirit. The law of the Spirit is love.

“Take a look at the parable of the Good Samaritan. Luke 10:30 – A man was stripped of his clothing, wounded, and was left half-dead. Not the priest, or the Levite, but the Samaritan, a stranger saw him and had compassion, took care of him right there, brought him to the inn and took care of him there. The next day, he gave two denarii to the innkeeper, and told him to take care of him, and whatever he spent, he would repay him when he returned. This is the one that showed mercy on him. He was neighbor to him.

“You see, this is a tremendous act of forgiveness. The Samaritan had no relationship with this guy, but acted as though he was a close friend. That’s what it means to be a neighbor, or neighbor to someone, hence the command, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Everyone is your close friend – every man your brother, every woman your sister, event though they don’t know it. But when they receive the care and forgiveness of a stranger, or even an enemy, it is unnatural to them. You were once far off, an alien to Me, once My enemy, but I demonstrated My love for you. This is the kind of love that I have for you, and that you have for all. This love reveals Me. When that person is shown mercy, it is as if they feel adopted into a new and perfect, loving family.

“When someone is shown forgiveness, it shows that they are very valued, worth it, that they have purpose and meaning for existence, that they are accepted, that they are qualified and adequate, not overlooked, that they are chosen, important, and that they are favored. This and much more are results of one simple act of love. The whole gospel is summed up in an act of forgiveness, the way I’ve revealed it to humanity.

“When you serve people, you are serving Me. Picture Me as the one who gets physically tortured. Not the priest, or the levite, but the samaritan helps Me. And this is a key to truly loving your neighbor: You are actually taking care of Me. It is as if I needed help. Would you help Me? If you saw someone in need, will you take care of Me? When you feed them, you are feeding Me. When you take care of them, you are taking care of Me.

“Think about this: who is the one person you would want to serve? Exactly. When you serve them, you are serving Me.”


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