A Boy Named Rick

This past week at Camp Harlow, there was a boy named Rick – 12 years old. Rick was not a camper of mine, but on Tuesday, I sat next to him during morning club around the camphitheater. We didn’t really talk at all, but I was making faces because the pastor said something about making goofy smiles, and Rick and I were crackin’ up. Even at this point, I didn’t ask him his name yet, though I saw that he was holding crutches. I asked him near the end of morning club what as wrong with his leg, and he explained. I asked him, “Could I pray for it?” He said, “Sure.” I laid a hand on his right ankle and commanded healing. He said it was better. Then I prayed a second time, and he said it was now completely fine. I smiled and his face was filled with excitement and shock. That’s when we had to go to lunchtime.

Thursday comes and this is when we have medals in the nighttime at campfire – campers and counselors get picked to come up and give a medal to someone who made an impact on their life. I saw Rick go up to the camphitheater thinking he was probably going to give it to his counselor or maybe another friend (and at this point I still didn’t know his name). Medals had started and the microphone came to Rick and this is what he said: “Hi, my name is Rick, and I’d like to give my medal to Simba because he opened my eyes to miracles and healing. So, thank you Simba for being there for me.” I was surprised, got out of my seat and gave him a big hug.
The next day at morning club, we do this thing where the pastor invites those who has decided to give their life to Christ to stand up, and I saw Rick standing behind me. After club, I made sure I went to him. I told him that he is an influence and God has a great plan for him. He told me that he will never forget me. 
Your words, your actions, your example can turn a person’s life around. Be love to someone, even if there are no words spoken.

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